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Summer School "Neuro-Sleep as a Complex System"
10-12 July 2023 Club "Volzhino" (link)
Venue: Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia

Online Saratov

Upon completion of the school, a city tour will be organized, which will include:

  • 1 hour boat trip on the Volga.
  • Visit the art gallery named after Radishchev, located in a historic building.

Now the collection of the museum includes about 22 000 units of storage - these are works of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art of Russian and Western European masters of the 15th-20th centuries.

The collection of the museum is so rich that it allows you to get a complete, systematic insight into the history of Russian painting by its best names and works.

The museum has works of ancient Russian art: icons of the 15th-19th centuries, old books, and church utensils. The art of the XVIII century is represented by portraits of the work of famous masters who made up the glory of Russian painting - F.S. Rokotova, D.G. Levitsky, V.L. Borovikovsky. The art of the first half of the 19th century was marked by romantic aspirations and the ideals of the Pushkin era. They are reflected in the portraits by V.A. Tropinina, O.A. Kiprensky, K.P. Bryullov, landscapes of Alexander Ivanov, Sylvestre Shchedrin.

The collection of the Wanderers is the pride of the museum: it consists of paintings by I.N. Kramskoy, A.K. Savrasova, I.I. Shishkin, A.I. Kuindzhi, V.I. Surikov, I.E. Repin, V.D. Polenova, I.I. Levitan. The paintings of the 19th — 20th centuries includes the works of V.A. Serova, K.A. Korovin, I.E. Grabar. Picturesque series complement the works of such famous sculptors as M.M. Antokolsky, E.A. Lancere, S.T. Konenkov, A.T. Matveyev.

Western European art is represented by authentic works of the 15th-19th centuries. The most significant collections are Flemish and Dutch paintings, works of outstanding German and French artists of the 18th and 19th centuries: Charles Daubigny, Camille Corot, Adolphe Monticelli and others.

  • Walking through the sights of the city with a visit to the Crane Mountains, from where a city opens from a bird's eye view.

Saratov is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of the Volga region, as well as one of the twenty largest cities in Russia. Saratov is attractive from a tourist point of view, there are many interesting objects for research, major cultural and entertainment centers. The city was founded in 1590 as a guard fortress and for many years protected the southern borders of the state. In the 18th century, Saratov was one of the country's largest centers of fishing industry, and the city managed to maintain this status to the present.

The main attractions, and at the same time the symbols of our city, are the bridge across the Volga, connecting the regional center and the city of Engels, and the Saratov State Conservatory of them. L.V. Sobinova. This is one of the oldest musical universities in the country, celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the most beautiful religious monument, the very first church in its place was built in 1675. It existed for about 20 years, after which a stone cathedral began to be built on the site of the church. The current church is a vivid example of the so-called Moscow Baroque, visitors can see a collection of beautiful old icons in the walls of the church.